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Lawn Maintenance Tasks

Our job is to make your lawn perfect. We offer a full range of services:

What is

Aeration is the process of creating tiny channels from the surface down into the soil. This allows more air into the root zone, restores the balance of the three-layered system and helps to maintain a healthy ecosystem. Hollow-tine aeration is the most effective method as it creates fantastic channels and these cores can then be recycled back into the soil as dressing.

Why Aerate?

Lawn grasses are very delicate plants and, with the balance of grass structure changing so frequently, aeration is key to maintaining your grass in the best condition possible. Aeration allows more air into the soil structure and allows natural phenomena to occur, such as the breakdown of thatch.

When and how often

  • Autumn & Winter
  • Once a year

What are some benefits?

  • Reduces soil compaction
  • Reduces water collection and allows drainage
  • Stronger roots
  • Improved water uptake
  • Reduces moss levels
  • Improves root depth

What is fertilising?

Grass is a living species, and like any other living organism, it needs the essentials to survive. One of these is nutrients. Fertilising is the process of using a spreader to feed the grass with the essential nutrients needed when the grass is growing.

Why do you need to fertilise?

The answer to this question can be found in another very simple question: Why do humans need to eat? Answer: survival. Fertiliser is what gives the grass its necessary nutrients to survive and fight against other species in competition with it.

When and how often?

All year round !!

But focusing what feed you use dependant on the time of year…

All year round!

However, which feed you use depends on the time of year…

Spring and summer feeds – The constant cropping of the grass foliage is a serious drain on the nutrient reserves in the soil, so a fertiliser programme is essential all year round. It is nonsense to refrain from feeding because it will mean more mowing. A lack of nutrients will result in a thin and sparse grass sward.

Autumn and winter feeds – Autumn feeding will build a healthy root system and increase disease resistance. The correct fertiliser must be chosen as the high nitrogen feeds used in the spring and summer are not suitable, as they will stimulate soft growth and increase the risk of disease.

At Lawn Boys we can offer a full fertiliser programme which will improve the look, density of the grass, and a good root system. We understand the chemicals we use and we provide pet- and child-friendly treatments

What are some benefits?

  • Prevent weeds
  • Prevents moss
  • Prevents disease
  • Improves growth rate and density

What is Moss?

Moss is a small, green non-flowering plant which you will sometimes find in your garden, normally between November and March. It is an unusual plant as it has no roots, making it almost impossible to kill. It can, however, be prevented and is removed by applying ferrous sulphate to weaken it, before scarifying and removal.

Why does Moss come about?

Moss thrives in moisture-retentive surfaces which is why it loves growing in lawns. There is plenty you can do to minimize it, but it is important to ask why it is there in the first place so that when it has been removed it doesn’t simply return during those wetter months. This is almost always related to either drainage, nutrition, shade, thatch or mowing.

How we go about removing moss?

Our two key tools are scarification and ferrous sulphate:

  • Ferrous sulphate – this is a form of moss control and can either come as a liquid or in granular form. This will turn the sword of moss black and despite not killing it, will make it weak enough for it to be removed using scarification.
  • Scarification – this is the simplest way to remove moss but will not prevent new plants from appearing, which is why it is important to combine the two techniques.

What is a lawn disease?

A lawn disease is a sign that the lawn is under stress – perhaps cut too short, lacking nutrients, or a victim of changing weather conditions. Disease occurs when the lawn is weak and the spores which lay dormant in the grass choose to strike. The best way to prevent these is through a strong and consistent care programme.

The two main diseases we see here in the UK

  • Red thread – this is the most common lawn disease but only affects the leaves of the plant and not the plant as a whole. This used to be very rare in lawns but has become more common due to the changing climate

  • Fusarium – This disease typically appears between September and March but is far more serious than red thread as it can be fatal to the grass and will occur very quickly. It is clear to spot, as small circular orange patches will begin to form in the lawn, which will be about the size of a golf ball at first.

How are these diseases treated –

  • Red thread is best treated with a fungicide. However, if the weather conditions remain unchanged then the disease may return.

  • Ferrous sulphate can help in the short term by drying out the leaf blades and depriving the fungus of essential moisture. However, the only way of stopping the disease is by using chemical treatment. This will kill both the disease and the plant, so plans for overseeding and repairs will need to take place soon after.

Unlike many lawn care companies, Lawn Boys can offer a regular mowing service.

WHY? – By using this service it means Lawn Boys staff can monitor your lawn and identify any problems early. We can then advise on the appropriate remedies and have everything fixed before problems get out of control.

The number one essential task is correct mowing. This means beginning and ending at the proper time. There is no right height for all lawns. This will depend on the type of lawn, grass and the time of year. The blades must be sharp and properly set to help achieve that beautiful striped look..

How often should I be mowing per month?

  • January – 1-2
  • February – 1-2
  • March – 2-4
  • April – 2-4
  • May – 4-8
  • June – 4-8
  • July – 4-8
  • August – 4-8
  • September – 2-6
  • October – 2-4
  • November – 1-4
  • December – 1-2

At Lawn Boys we can offer a full renovation package for your lawn. Packages can include:

  1. Renovation of a neglected lawn
  2. A complete returf or seed

Renovation of a neglected lawn

  • Strim the tall grass down to a couple of inches
  • Trim or clear any overgrown bushes
  • Clear all debris
  • Cut the grass with a mower set as high as possible and gradually lower the height of the cut
  • Weed kill
  • Feed the lawn
  • Edge lawn

What is top dressing?

Top dressing is simply material that is added to turf in a shallow layer to correct surface irregularities such as to aid thatch control, enhance seed germination, and improve soil structures. This material is usually a mixture of good-quality soil, sand and a source of nutrients. The application of top dressing combined with seed is a regular routine for the professional greenkeeper, but is an unheard-of technique for most home gardeners.

What is overseeding?

Overseeding is a process of growing new grass into a lawn that is becoming thin. This is a necessary process as grass will eventually die and needs to be replaced, which can happen naturally or through overseeding. When a grass is mainly bent and fescue the need for overseeding is less, as the grass is naturally dense. However, overseeding can be very useful when ryegrass is the dominant grass species.

Why do the two go hand-in-hand?

Both overseeding and top dressing have their respective benefits but when paired together they offer extra assistance for your lawn. Overseeding is a key process in any lawn care programme and coupling this with top dressing helps get the most out of the process. Benefits can range from the top dress guarding the seed from hungry birds to improving seed-to-soil contact.

The Benefits of Top dressing & Overseeding

  1. Grass growth becomes denser

  2. New grass varieties can be introduced to the lawn

  3. Minor hollows are removed so that a truer surface is obtained

  4. The water-holding capacity of sandy lawns can be improved over time

  5. Drainage in heavy clay soils is improved, especially if spiking is carried out as a pre-treatment

What is scarification?

Scarification is the removal of organic matter and the pruning of a plant to create a healthier environment. Scarification is known as a moss removal technique and involves using a scarifying machine to create small cuts in the lawn.

Why scarify?

The main objective of scarifying is to reduce the thatch layer which lies underneath the grass. This helps with a number of things, including drainage and controlling moss production.

When and how often

  • Autumn & Spring
  • A minimum of once a year

What are some benefits?

  • Helps to remove the moss that sits on the surface

  • Reduces thatch levels

  • Similar to aeration, it reduces soil compaction


  • Prevents diseases and pests


  • Improves the flow of air, water and nutrients through the soil

Friendly Advice

Our fully trained and qualified team are on hand to offer friendly, professional advice about your grass, lawn and garden. Please don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and speak to us or send us an email with any questions you may have.


We won’t waste your time or money. Using the latest technology and best equipment on the market enables Lawn Boys to work faster, more efficiently and ultimately to produce a better, sustainable outcome for you every time. We offer you clear and expert advice on how to get the best from your lawn and garden. We deliver the best service for your lawn and the best value for your money.


Being able to offer a personalised experience is something that encapsulates the Lawn Boys. Our goal is to bring your vision to life. With our expertise and your vision that green dream can come to life!

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While slightly more expensive than our last lawn care company, the professional approach has taken our lawn and garden to the next level. We really appreciate their work.
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Lawn Boys came over today and installed an irrigation system covering our flower borders.

They were very professional and answered every question completely,

I’m pleased to say I have received a superb job.

Thank you!
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The Lawn Boys team was at our home this week and I'm so impressed with the dedication and care they put into our lawn.

Mo our operative takes time to explain each and every process about keeping our lawn beautiful. The grass is thick and green and our friends always remark on how nice it looks and feels when they walk across it.

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There is so much more to having healthy grass than just cutting it.

You need to treat it for bugs and weeds as well as the proper watering and fertilisers. Mo’s team educates you on these items, and then shows you amazing results.

Good work guys !!

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I was told every single detail for options on maintaining my lawn prior to committing as well as honest opinions on what they would do if it was their lawn.

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Thank You to Mo and the team at Lawn Boys for their professional, knowledgeable, and attentive approach..

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Lawn’s looking super sharp this morning after cut yesterday. Thanks guys


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